Exploring the Galapagos

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We’re planning to turn our trip to the Galapagos Island into a series of posts. These multiple blog posts will build upon one another, exploring our trip through the Galapagos over a number of days. We’re hoping that this post series will—aside from giving readers a reason to come back to our blog—prove to be helpful and useful, and may cover a lot of useful information more thoroughly. Now that we’ve outlined and given a little insight into our boat, our guide and our group, we’ll visit our itinerary in our next post!

Funding Your Travel Habit

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How do you put together the finances for your travels, long-term or short-term? What do you sacrifice in order to save up the necessary cash? What’s your best money-saving tip on the road? We share our money tips—and pick up a few from other bloggers—right here in this series!.

Southern Discovery

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From the wineries of Santiago to the pristine beauty of Patagonia and the cosmopolitan flair of Buenos Aires, experience the riches of South America with Kathryn and Daniel. Join us as we enjoy a taste of wilderness with hiking opportunities in Chile’s Lake District and Argentinean Patagonia before cleansing our palate for a wine tasting at a Santiago vineyard.

Travelling Safely

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In a rapidly changing world, independent travellers who forge their own paths have seemingly never faced greater challenges (if CNN were to be believed). Regardless, careful planning and awareness of safety and security are essential to backpackers, since you are responsible for your own well being while abroad. But, rest assured, while you might pride yourself on your independence, you are not alone. You can prepare for these challenges with a little research and a little preparation. This series focuses on travel safety for the long-term traveller. Have at it!