About Us

Ready to go? We certainly are! Two Go Round-The-World preserves the observations of Kathryn and Daniel as they travel to the far corners of the globe—and all points in between! Click here for a few easy ways to keep up with us. Take note, however—if you prefer the air-conditioned efficiency of all-inclusive resorts, the links herein may not interest you! Want to get in touch? Drop us a line here.

How can this site help you?

Two Go Round-The-World is not an online guidebook—it’s a website to inspire you before you go, a collection of resources to consider while you’re waiting for the ink to dry on your plane ticket. Presently, it’s divided into four main sections, with plans for more:


We believe it makes sense to put our thoughts into column form on a semi-regular basis. Blog posts tend to be short and, sometimes, shallow. On the other hand, we believe that an article differentiates itself from a blog post in that it is especially informative and comprehensive and tries to cover a great deal of information on a travel-related subject. We also hope that continuing to write articles will help slow us down from the fast and furious pace of blogging. A little reflection now and again isn’t such a bad thing!


Our capsule reviews are intended to provide a short succinct review (with book reviews tending to run longer). They don’t include travel gear and gadgets—for those, check out the Virtual Backpack. Reviews attempt to strike a balance between description and opinion. If we love something, we go ahead and say it. If something is okay, but more or less doesn’t interest us, we stick with merely describing it so people with different tastes can decide whether or not they might enjoy it.

Virtual Backpack: Travel Gear and Gadgets

We are firm believers that it’s never about the gear, it’s always the place itself and the people your are with. But, the majority of us can come up with a few key pieces of kit we’ve had over the years—select tents, packs, boots—pieces that ended up with names, stories and which, in their own way, helped shape the experiences we remember.

Looking Back

‘Looking Back’ will include an occasional entry from our journals that date back to 2001, when we first began writing about living and travelling abroad. We’ll present these paired with a photo in the form of a verbal postcard. Together, these postcards provide an (in)formal and often (in)coherent narrative of the trips we’ve taken!

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Disclosure and Relationships

We deeply value our readers and subscribers, as much as they value us, our expertise, and our recommendations. For this reason, we try to be as open and forthright as possible. We’re a big fan of disclosure. We believe in it. While we will make every attempt to disclose each time we make a recommendation on this blog, sometimes we can’t or we simply forget. So we’ve included an abbreviated form on the sidebar. However, in an effort to be as clear and candid as possible, we’d like to post a more complete version, which highlights some of our relationships, the ways we are compensated, as well as the results we sometimes showcase on this blog.

Here they are…

  • We occasionally make recommendations on this blog, which include links to helpful resources for which we get some kind of compensation. We either get a commission for each sale, or receive some form of remuneration, either financially or in kind.
  • However, these recommendations are based first and fore most on their merit. We make them either because of their value, helpfulness, and qua ity, or based on our direct or indirect knowledge of the author’s reputation, track record, and level of expertise. No advertiser will ever influence the content on this blog.
  • Some affiliate links are added automatically with the help of software, which linkifies specific keywords within the content dynamically. Others are added after the post is written. In other words, most affiliate links are added incidentally or subsequently.
  • Some links do not have any affiliation or compensation whatsoever, but are included for the same reasons expressed above. In other words, we add them based on merit. If we find them helpful and suspect that they may be of interest to our readers, we will include them, regardless of compensation or lack thereof.
  • All testimonials and case studies are collected from people who have had personal experience with our products or services, and they have each submitted their kind words willingly and without direct financial compensation.
  • Some of our endorsements of other people’s products are the result of receiving a free review copy. In some cases, we may be an affiliate. However, we do not receive any direct financial compensation for making such endorsements, and we only provide an honest review, whether as an affiliate or not, if we feel the product has merit.

As for our relationships:

We will add more as we revise this page. It may be almost complete, but we believe this is a start in being open and candid so that you, our readers, fully understand where we’re coming from and what’s involved when following any of our recommendations on this blog.