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wimdu apartment Find a home away from home with Wimdu

Newly Renovated Modern Flat in Berlin, Germany. This one starts at 101 €/night.

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If you’re comfortable staying someone’s home while traveling or opening your own door, Wimdu is a service that connects travellers with locals renting rooms—at rates well below nearby hotels. Wimdu is a site for travellers and homeowners alike. With accommodations that are priced well below average hotel rooms, renting a room on Wimdu offers real value. In many cases, it gives travellers the opportunity to live like not unlike a local.

Wimdu For Travellers

Before booking your hotel stay, you can turn to Wimdu to find short-term rentals, rooms—or entire houses—in cities around the world. Prices are typically much more affordable than nearby hotels and, depending on the city, could rival the convenience and features of available hotel options.

For travellers, Wimdu functions much like a hotel search engine. You enter the city and the dates you’ll be visiting that city and Wimdu returns available rooms for rent. You can check out pictures of the properties, see them plotted on a map, check availability, and even see reviews from previous visitors. Everything is handled by Wimdu, including the transfer of money between parties. After a booking has been confirmed you need to arrange your check-in details directly with your host by emailing or phoning them after receiving their contact information from Wimdu.

Browsing the the listings in our hometown of Toronto yields a surprising bounty of really nice accommodations for prices radically better than any hotel would charge in the downtown core? Is it worth the savings to stay in a stranger’s home? Sound off in the comment below with your opinion.

Wimdu For Hosts

Budget travellers are often low on cash and in need of a bed and cup of coffee in the morning, as well as a welcoming home. If you can spare a sofa or mattress then you might just be the answer to the prayers of a traveller. While earning a little money, you also get to meet some interesting people.

You can also use the site as a host and rent out your home—or just a room—with Wimdu‘s guidance on how to set prices and create an attractive listing. Hosts have control over pricing, as well as determining who can stay in their space and when. Plus, the site also handles the payment exchange on behalf of the host, and listing available space is free, though the site does take a service fee when hosts get paid for stays.


Authentication via social media and Wimdu‘s own site helps to establish a sense of trust between hosts and travellers before the transaction is completed. Wimdu’s lets hosts review their guests, and guests rate their hosts—in addition to property reviews themselves. That endorsement system, combined with the pictures and profiles people write about themselves, adds a sense of security for people who have opened up their homes, as well as the travellers who are spending the night away from home. Be sure to check out the Wimdu website for your next trip abroad! There are places to stay in almost every major city: Rio de Janeiro, New York, Milan, Hong Kong—you name it!

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