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For the past few months, we’ve been working hard on a number of cool initiatives at G Adventures, including a new campaign dubbed ‘You’ll Never Forget It’. Coinciding with the introduction of our 2012 brochure lineup, the campaign features a website and an international search for a few good travellers to take travel back from the cookie-cutter, big-bus crowd. This is the first of eight promotional videos that we produced in-house—Earth.

Enormous and minuscule. Raw and refined. Widespread and intimate. Your planet is anything and everything you want it to be, often all at once. Want to see it all? You’ve come to the right place. When you travel with G Adventures, you don’t merely see the world; you meet it, shake hands with it and get to know it on a first-name basis. With hundreds of adventures to all four corners of the world (and everywhere in between), there’s always somewhere new to go. Come with us and discover why Earth is the universe’s #1 travel destination.

This ain’t your typical giveaway.

For the right people, however, it just may be the experience of a lifetime. Three winners will embark on an unforgettable trip (airfare included) to one of the hundreds of destinations featured in the pages of our brochures. In the company of our award-winning creative team, the winners will be joined by a personal videographer and photographer who will chronicle their adventure—which will be featured in print and online as part of the G Adventures 2013 campaign. Nope this ain’t your regular giveaway; we’re looking for the face of a movement. And it could be yours!

Interested? We know you are! Check out or follow G Adventures on Facebook—and, of course, follow @gadventures and hash tag #YNFI on Twitter. Feel free to share it with friends and family members. And remember—if they wear socks with sandals or think bermuda shorts are acceptable attire for any occasion, this ain’t for them.

Disclosure: At Two Go Round-The-World, we value the conversation that exists between us and our readers—and the trust on which that relationship is based. Here we’re committed to creating an environment informed by that trust. In the interests of full disclosure, Daniel works with G Adventures. For more information on disclosures and relationships, please check our ‘About Us‘ page.

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  1. Parker Sellers says:

    I absolutely love the message! Exactly how I travel. And its true, you meet great people when you travel this way. The best travel videos are made this way too.

  2. Aynne says:

    Bravo! This really captures the sentiment of myself and the travelers I have met in the amazing places I have had the privilege of seeing.

  3. I am traveler cum student based in Nepal and love going nomad and beginner in travel blogging.
    I found this video and post really great captured and meaningful.”I am not tourist,i love adventure and l live now”

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