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For many, a round-the-world trip is something that they have always dreamed of and that they will go to any lengths to do. For others, a little more persuasion might be involved to get them to break their routine, plan a route and book their airfare for the trip of a lifetime. We all know the obvious reasons why you would go: to try something new and see exciting places, to meet new people, learn about different cultures and to truly experience freedom. However, there are also a few reasons which aren’t so obvious but which are just as important.

To cure yourself of your desire for possessions

We’re all guilty of it. Consumption is so pervasive—be it clothes, an extensive DVD or CD collection that you feel you can’t live without or the latest gadget. Really, however, it’s just clutter. Like a gas, clutter is mutable and expands to fill the space available to it. There is no way that you can fit your possessions into a backpack—and even if you could, you wouldn’t want to lug it around! Less is more!

possessions1 Reasons To Go Round The World

Own your possessions—don't let 'em own you! Photo by K2D2vaca.

Taking with you only what you can carry shows you just how little you need to get by. Moreover, it will force you into discovering what it is that you miss and value the most. Experiencing cultures where people are perfectly happy despite having so little can be a humbling experience.

To reinvent yourself

You’ll meet new and exciting people each and every day and this means that you can become whoever you want to be. We’re not talking about completely changing your persona.

startover2 Reasons To Go Round The World

Start over!

However, if perhaps you’ve always been a little shy, this is your chance to come out of your shell without feeling self-conscious!

To discover your preferences

It’s easy to think that your favourite sport or food is the thing you have been watching or eating since you can remember. Trying new things and being given so many options means that you might discover brand new favourites.

rejoice3 Reasons To Go Round The World

Discover what moves you!

Check out new cuisine that blows your mind, new sport that you want to try or new music you’ve never heard of before. Every day offers something new and means that you can finally work out exactly what your tastes are.

To find a new home

During your trip, this might occur by chance. You may meet a partner, be given a job offer or simply just fall in love with a place that you’ve never considered living in before.

home4 Reasons To Go Round The World

Find a new home!

Travelling is about finding out what makes you happy and it might just be that you stumble upon the next exciting phase of your life when you least expect it.

To appreciate home

When you have lived in one place your whole life, it’s easy to stop noticing all of the things that make it ‘home’. Some time away will make you appreciate those people or places that you may take for granted. Seeing how live in other parts of the world will shed a little light on your own community.

grateful5 Reasons To Go Round The World

Be grateful! Photo by SnoShuu.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we have the capacity to save enough money to go on this kind of adventure. What are you waiting for? You only live once. Get out there and do it!

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