Rick Mereki’s Move, Learn, Eat

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Filmmaker Rick Mereki took three everyday concepts and turned them into incredible and compelling short films—with travel informing their beauty. Rick and his troupe traveled abroad for 44 days, went to 11 countries on 18 different flights for a total of 38,000 miles, witnessing an exploding volcano and destroying a couple of cameras in the process to put together Move, Learn, Eat. Rick posted his new short films on his Vimeo page on Wednesday and they’ve already gone viral. Follow Rick on Twitter here. Or check out his Tumblr account here. Check out his stunning and enlightening videos; they’ll make you want to hop on a plane and travel!

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo. Move made us want to jump off our seats and hit the road—the catchy, life-affirming tunes don’t hurt either. Amazingly — one terabyte of footage produced just three minutes of video! But those three minutes have proved to be hugely popular. “Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement,” Mereki said on the video’s vimeo page. “The response has been phenomenal and overwhelming. We never thought this little project would reach out to so many people.”

LEARN from Rick Mereki on VimeoInterestingly, part of the ‘LEARN‘ sequence was filmed in a small village outside of Cuzco where women weavers are learning skills to make themselves self-sufficient and in the process, changing the tapestry of family economics. The village is sponsored in part by Planeterra, a non-profit initiative founded by Gap Adventures in 2003.Planeterra’s initiatives offer travellers the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people and communities around the world. Kathryn and I recognized it immediately—as we’ve both been there before. In fact, we visited on a trip last year with Gap Adventures—with whom I work! Check our some of our pictures here.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo. The videos, directed by Rick Mereki and produced by Tim White, were popular on social sharing sites like FaceBook and Reddit last week—but not everybody was impressed; some have complained the crew simply seemed “rich” and “pretentious.” What do you think? Are these videos beautiful and harmless? Or just a way to brag about the expensive “trip of a lifetime”? Let us know what you think!

11 countries in 44 days? Sure, it looks like they packed a lot into the itinerary. The problem is, these videos try to create the illusion of deep experience—but when you look at the itinerary, it looks a little shallow. At the end of the day, though — it certainly is inspiring. And that was Merek’s original intent, methinks.

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