Go Around the World in your Gap Year

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roundtheworldmapwithpin Go Around the World in your Gap Year

The period of time after you finish high school or university is an ideal opportunity to travel...

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So, you’ve finished school and the world is your oyster. You’ve got the option to continue your studies at college or university, you might have a career in mind that you want to get started on, or you might be completely at a loss for ideas. Whatever your situation might be, the period of time after you finish high school or university is an ideal opportunity to travel, given that you are less likely to have committed yourself to a long term job, a mortgage or a family of your own.

If you have just finished school, or you are just about to, and the idea of planning a round-the-world trip appeals to you, here a few of the important steps you need to take along the way to open up a world of opportunity and travelling enjoyment.

Save money

The most important thing you’re going to need for your round-the-world trip is enthusiasm. After that, money is probably your greatest concern. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to save up a substantial cushion of money so that you can travel comfortably and have enough extra money to guard against emergencies. Consider taking a full time job that you will enjoy and stick at it for at least six months. If you’re lucky enough to have parents who will accommodate you for minimal board, you can easily save up a good stash of cash for your trip.

Find a travel partner

While travelling alone can be an enriching experience, longer trips are often more fun and a great deal safer when you travel with someone else. Have a think about people who you know who you very rarely find irritating or annoying—these people are likely to make ideal travelling partners! You’ll need a friend with a sense of adventure who has enough mental and physical stamina to cope with the demands of long flights, trekking across city and country with heavy bags and sleeping in chairs, on floors or wherever else might be necessary. Most importantly of all, choose someone you trust implicitly as the two of you will rely on each other for support throughout your trip.

Plan your route

This is the fun part. Open up a map of the world and stick some pins in it! Depending on the terms of the round-the-world flight ticket that you buy, you may be limited to flying in certain directions and along certain routes, so it is usually a good idea to at least have a few flight deals in mind before you select the countries you’d like to visit. Do plenty of reading about the countries you fancy heading to. Guides such as Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor are good resources for getting reliable information on a destination.

Get insured

Though you might be the kind of carefree person who usually ignores the travel insurance option when booking short flights and vacations, you would be foolish to overlook the importance of travel insurance cover on your round-the-world trip. It is simply not worth the potential nightmare of finding yourself stranded in a faraway country because of a missed connection, with not enough money and no travel insurance to get you to where you want to be. To find the right travel insurance compare policies using comparison websites and make sure you read the details of your chosen policy carefully before parting with your cash.

Pack light

Once your trip has been planned and you’ve worked yourself to the bone to save up a heap of money, don’t be tempted to pack the largest bag you can find full of supplies. You will thank yourself further on down the road if you pack only the things you need, keeping your bag as light as possible while not scrimping on essentials. Many travel clothing companies offer durable, lightweight clothes that you can pack away compactly to save much needed space in your bag.

Once your bag is packed and you’ve got your passport and essential documents in place, you’re ready to head off on the trip of a lifetime!

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  1. Daniele says:

    Looks like I’m on the right track then in my preparation.
    Only difference is that I took 3 months off from work, to do what I didn’t do after the studies :)


    • Daniel says:

      Hey Daniele — nice to have found your blog just a couple of days ahead of your departure. Will give me something to read at work! Looking forward to following along. Thank you!

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