What We’re Reading: April 29, 2011

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whatwerereading042911 What We’re Reading: April 29, 2011

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It’s been a while since we featured a week-end round up (has it really been since January?) Of course, we hadn’t given up reading our favourite travel blogs during that time — we just didn’t have time to pull together a weekly wrap-up! So, Each Friday, we share those sites and articles—those interesting links—that we are currently reading or have recently read. Enjoy these great posts that you may have missed this past week. If you have any suggestions for next Friday’s round-up, please contact us!

What’s the right amount of time on the road? While some travellers— especially those of the RTW stripe—are compelled to travel for at least a year or more, Michaela Potter prefers taking shorter breaks (a minimum of two to three months) every few years—focusing on a certain area of the world. She feels that this has made it easier to incorporate those breaks throughout her career – utilizing time between jobs to travel. Check out her perspective here.

Faux onward tickets. Immigration control for some nations insist you to show them when and how you’ll be leaving their country—an annoyance for many backpackers who intentionally travel without an itinerary. This can sometimes be an expensive mistake—check out this cautionary tale from two backpackers who were caught out in New Zealand. So what’s a person to do? Fake your onward ticket—that’s what. For some great directions, check out this article.

How do you plan a round-the-world itinerary? “The truth is,” writes Akila from The Road Forks, “I don’t have any good advice for you on planning a round-the-world itinerary.” The reason? There are no rules in planning a RTW itinerary. Check out a great post on RTW itinerary planning here.

Tips for RTW health coverage. If you’re considering a RTW trip or perhaps a working holiday abroad, you’ll have a lot to consider when planning your life-changing trip. Flights, visas, trip itineraries and—health insurance. It’s not the most exciting aspect of planning a trip, yet going prepared could save you literally $1,000s in medical expenses. Lauren provides some fantastic tips to get you started over on Life’s a Journey.

What to pack on a RTW? The folks over on Unanchor tackle the age-old question: “What to pack on a long-term or RTW trip?” They’ve got a men’s edition (via Jason Demant) and a women’s edition (via Sharon Duckworth). Check it out!

BootsnAll Threads

BootsnAll is a web-based travel publisher, an online travel community and provider of services and information that travelers need and want. We frequent their forum—and bring to you our favourite threads from the past week!

What would you do? A fellow Bootie asks: “With three weeks to spend anywhere in the world—where would you go?” The thread is full of great advice—from Ecuador to Australia. Have a suggestion? Please add it to the thread!

Re-entry funding. What does one need upon their return from RTW travel? ”If I don’t wind up staying somewhere along the way for good,”  writes fellow Bootie Cuberacer, “I am thinking that 9 months of salary is a decent number with 1 year being ideal for a re-entry”. Check out our article entitled “Budgeting for the return home” for our take on the costs of ‘re-entry’. Weigh in on the debate here.

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