What We’re Reading: August 13, 2010

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whatwerereading081310 What We’re Reading: August 13, 2010

Keep up with what we’re reading!

Each Friday, we share those sites and articles—those interesting links—that we are currently reading or have recently read. Enjoy these great posts that you may have missed this past week. If you have any suggestions for next Friday’s round-up, please contact us!

london What We’re Reading: August 13, 2010British told how to treat visitors. Britain’s tourism agency has released guidelines for how residents should treat visitors to the 2012 Olympics in London. Among the tips: Canadians get angry when people jump the queue and they don’t smoke, although “This may be different in Quebec,” and, what’s more, Canadians hate being confused with Americans. Check out Cathal Kelly’s piece in the Toronto Star here.

grantourismocomp What We’re Reading: August 13, 2010Win! Travel writers Lara Dunston and Terence Carter are excited to be announcing the sixth travel blogging contest in their year-long series. This time they want you to create an inspiring blog post comprised of one portrait photograph of a person you’ve met on your travels who touched you in some way and 250 words describing the moment you took the photo and how it affected you. For details, click here.

landlopers What We’re Reading: August 13, 2010Is Ecotourism Sustainable? Writes Matt Long: “Ecotourism and sustainable travel are oft used and very trendy travel buzz words, but most… do little to protect designated areas.  I have encountered organizations, companies and properties that truly “get it” and do offer a sustainable experience. However, I fear that there are many more bad actors who are ruining [it] for everyone else. Check his piece out here.

nomaidcmatt What We’re Reading: August 13, 2010Nomadic Matt settles down? Writes Matt: “Going from being always on the move to staying put has been a harder adjustment than I thought. When you are used to changing locations every few days or weeks, suddenly putting the brakes on that can send you through the proverbial windshield.” Check out Matt’s reflections from the other side of the glass here.

BootsnAll Threads

BootsnAll is a web-based travel publisher, an online travel community and provider of services and information that travelers need and want. We frequent their forum—and bring to you our favourite threads from the past week!

How did you raise the $$$? Epic thread on Bootsnall now in its fifth year! Over 30 pages of posts on how to get money together for that trip of a lifetime. Check it out here. Could always consider nude modelling, of course.

Which pack is right? Bootie KatieG writes: “I’m taking a 2 month trip to Costa Rica starting in August. I’ve found tons of information about what to pack, but no great information on how to pack it.” The Booties weigh in — with a particularly in-depth reply from Mark Feenstra.

Keeping gear dry. Lindsey from Backpacker Daily (and also a Bootie) asks “Are netbooks affected by weather conditions?” Markus suggests stocking up on silica packs. Good advice here.

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