Happy Halloween!

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pumpkins Happy Halloween!

A blaze of Jack-o’-Lanterns.

Happy Halloween to all of our readers! We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful time of year regardless of where you hang your hat. Here in Canada, the leaves are changing colours and the weather’s cooling down. It’s our favourite time of year!

We’re celebrating All Hallows’ Eve all week long over on G Adventures travel blog — dubbed the Looptail — so check in every day for a new tale of travel that’ll chill you to the bone. On Monday, Caitlin “Haunted” Hotchkiss brought her readers face-to-face with interesting places on our planet that stay creepy all year long. On Tuesday, we featured my very own blood-curdling take on Belize. Yesterday, Steve “Ghoulish” English spun a yarn about a tragic tale that has come to be known as “the Galápagos Affair.” And, today, we’ve thrown things back to Caitlin to close out a very special week with a piece on Antarctica—the most haunted place on the planet .

Trick or treat! Stay tuned all week! Here’s a ‘boo’ at what they’ve got in store for you over on the Looptail:

Get Your Spook On With These Creepy Sites

pripyat cash register Happy Halloween!

A cash register atop a pile of gas masks. Photo courtesy William Lewis.

As Halloween approaches, peoples’ thoughts turn to spooky stories, creepy shadows and things that go bump in the dark. But what about those places in the world where it’s creepy all year long? Get your spook on with these creepy sites.

caye caulker storm Happy Halloween!

Beneath Belize’s near perfect smile lurks a darker visage. Muahaha! Photo courtesy of Gionni Scaduto.

Belize it or not: A paranormal paradise

Belize’s legends include amazing tales of ghostly apparitions whose eyes glow red, jungle gnomes with backward feet who’ll rip your thumbs off and beautiful but deadly women who’ll steal your heart and then your soul. Creepy? You better Belize it!

baroness floreana Happy Halloween!

The “Baroness” and her two lovers on Floreana Island, Galapagos. Archival photo.

The Dark Side of the Galápagos

Ah, the Galápagos Islands—magical land of playful seas, blue-footed boobies, evolutionary theory, and cold-blooded murder. Pull up a chair, settle in, and let us spin a yarn about the tragic tale that has come to be known as “the Galápagos Affair.”

george vince cross Happy Halloween!

Cross at Hut Point in memory of George Vince, a member of the Scott expedition, who died in the vicinity. Photo courtesy of Sergey Tarasenko.

Let The Shivers Commence: Haunted Antarctica

It’s the most remote, desolate place on Earth, and undoubtedly one of the coldest as well—but did you know that Antarctica is also purportedly the most haunted place on the planet? Get your shiver on south of the Antarctic Circle.

Get in the Loop!

As mentioned in this post, in addition to more consistent updates on Two Go Round-the-World, I’m going to be blogging over at the Looptail more regularly as well, so drop in to see how I’m getting on. What’s the Looptail? Back in 2012, G Adventures started publishing the Looptail blog as a place to share the stuff they love most about the planet — and they’re not just talking about travel! Music, food, photography—anything worth sharing, really—is what we’re all about over there.

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    Scary but very interesting stories that are really meant for Halloween. I’m quite intrigue when it comes to paranormal but I’m still skeptical about them.

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