And we’re back!

| October 31, 2013 | 1 Comment
IndianHeadTestPattern And we’re back!

The Indian-head test pattern. Familiar to post–World War II baby boom TV audiences in America.

Kathryn and I began Two Go Round-The-World in 2009. Every week, we’d select a new travel topic to discuss, and for three years we had a great time blogging and getting to know many of our readers. By 2012, with a new baby and more travel-related writing projects than I’d ever imagined thanks to my job at G Adventures, we abandoned daily blogging. Our last regularly scheduled post was on the topic of ‘having a digital backup plan’ in August 2012. Since then, we’ve been providing irregular updates. But that’s set to change!

This month, we’re going to return to a weekly posting schedule! In addition to providing more consistent updates here on Two Go Round-The-World, I’m going to be blogging over at the Looptail more regularly as well, so drop in to see how I’m getting on. The Looptail was created by G Adventures as a place to share the stuff they love most about the planet — and they’re not just talking about travel! Music, food, photography—anything worth sharing, really—is what we’re all about over there.

It’s an exciting time — we’re looking forward to fetting back into the groove!

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