Introducing our new sponsor partnership!

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starwoodamexpost Introducing our new sponsor partnership!

Introducing our new sponsor partnership!

This is a sponsored post. Our pledge to you is that we’ll never take a sponsorship from someone we can’t endorse, or from someone that doesn’t match the interests of this community. We also disclose our affiliations on our About Us page.

We’re pleased to announce a new travel sponsorship partner—The Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG) Credit Card from American Express! This travel blogging partnership is a natural fit for Kathryn and me, as we’ve been members of the SPG program for several years. Over the course of the last few years, however, our travel goals have changed considerably.

Changing needs

Back when we first wrote about choosing a travel rewards program in 2009, we were concerned with racking up as many points as possible to defray the cost of a round‐the‐world trip. Now, however, with the recent arrival of a new baby, our needs have evolved—and the SPG Credit Card from American Express has grown along with us.

katieanddanargentina Introducing our new sponsor partnership!

Kathryn and Dan at Cántaros Pond in Argentina

Our travel style

Before we decided to start a family, we backpacked and slept in hammocks by the sea. Now we want to keep that same spirit of adventure alive—but as a family. With an infant, what’s important to us when travelling has shifted a little bit. Where once we’d forego a direct flight to save a little money, shorter travel times are now a greater concern.

Character-filled Accommodation

What we don’t want to give up, however, is the character that one’s accommodation can impart when travelling. We prefer hotels in the SPG program because they are ubiquitous (more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in nearly 100 countries) and they are located in some of the world’s most interesting and enriching destinations. Depending on the hotel and its location, they also tend to preserve a fair amount of the destinations distinctive heritage and unique character.

katieanddan Introducing our new sponsor partnership!

The whole family!

Travelling as a family

Many of the hotels in the SPG program also have cribs, rollaway beds, outlet covers, refrigerators, and bottle warmers to make the stay for those with infants just a little bit easier, too. At check‐in, you’ll get a rundown of daily and weekly activities for the family and can sign up for the ones that strike your fancy. These activities tend to take into account the interests of all kids—from toddlers to teenagers. And for hungry kids that are tough to please, the SPG Kids Pass program offers a variety of dining options for kids under 12.

The SPG Credit Card from American Express

So why did we enter into this partnership? Well, we’ve been using the SPG Credit Card from American Express as our primary credit card since 2009, so it was an endorsement that we were comfortable making. We like the card for its flexibility, plus a very good redemption rate—a determining factor which influenced our decision to go with American Express originally. What pushed us over the top, however, was the fact that you can transfer your earned ‘Starpoints’ into most airlines’ frequent flyer programs at pretty favourable transfer rates. Or you can use Starpoints for free flights with no blackout dates with SPG Flights. That means you can be airline agnostic, more or less! Furthermore, it means you are not pushed to the back of the line, forced to fly standby or stuck with routes that only pass through Gary, Indiana—not that there’s anything wrong with that!

katieanddangalapagos Introducing our new sponsor partnership!

Kathryn and Dan in the Galapagos.

The fun part

As part of our sponsor partnership, we will be using our Starpoints—generously awarded by American Express and SPG— toward a one-of-a-kind experience offered by ‘Moments’ by SPG . With this program, your Starpoints give you exclusive access to the ultimate in music, sports and the arts. Whether it’s a backstage tour and meet-and-greet with an artist, luxury suite access to a ball game or premiere opening-night tickets to a hit new show. Check out the current lineup of Moments experiences here—and check back in soon as we reveal our ‘Moment’!

The preceding was a sponsored post. Visit the Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG) Credit Card from American Express website to learn more and to apply. For more information about sponsored posts, click here.

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  1. It really isn’t easy to travel with kids, especially with infants, and getting the right hotels is necessary. I haven’t traveled with a kid, cause I don’t like hassles and also I still have one, thankfully.. but whenever I see a family traveler who are problematic because their kids need something the hotel doesn’t offer. And for parents, I think they should check the possible hotels online, probably most of them have websites, and choose the one which fits your family’s needs, and not the cheaper ones.

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