Hawaii: A State of Grace

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oahu Hawaii: A State of Grace

Waialua Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by Puuiki Beach.

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The floral-infused air kisses your face, the roar of waves fills your ears, and your eyes can’t find one spot in which to rest upon as the landscape before you offers a plethora of stunning views. Exhale. You’re in Hawaii.

Revered for its abundance of natural beauty and year-round paradisiacal weather, Hawaii serves as a surefire locale to spend some of the most unforgettable days of your life.  Boasting innumerable opportunities for outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking or snorkeling and a bounty of world-class restaurants, hotels and shopping venues, Hawaii vacations will be a favorite for years to come.

Don’t be overwhelmed with trying to narrow it down to one direction in which to take your Hawaiian vacation. One of the best ways to explore all the Aloha State has to offer is by experiencing a variety of activities. Try to mix in a little bit of everything!

Hoofing it Around Hawaii

While the rich cuisine and coconut-infused cocktails synonymous with Hawaii may be delicious (and not to be missed!), nobody wants to come back from vacation with a few extra pounds as a souvenir. Counteract the only drawbacks to Hawaii’s decadent epicurean delights with plenty of hiking in the awe-inspiring trails all around the state.

diamondhead Hawaii: A State of Grace

Hawaii's Diamond Head. Photo by Luke Gordon.

Whether you opt to tromp through the rainforest to Manoa falls, trek up Oahu’s famous Diamond Head volcano or simply stroll on the beach, there are so many hiking opportunities abound.

Rock Show

Hawaii isn’t just for beach bumming. The entire island is a volcanic ring! Get your geological thrill on by paying a visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Big Island or Maui’s Haleakala.

hawaiivolcanoesnationalpark Hawaii: A State of Grace

Volcano National Park. Photo by Eli Duke.

Look at a crater in the eye while you fan away the heat from nearby lava beds and experience the diversity of life around the parks.

Hawaii’s Horse Sense

Redefine the age-old parable of two sets of footprints in the sand when you take the four-legged approach to exploring Hawaii. Traipse through flowers, hills and beaches on horseback!

hawaiihorses Hawaii: A State of Grace

Hawaii's Horse. Photos by Luke Gordon.

The local horses are just as welcoming and mild-mannered as their Hawaiian human counterparts, so don’t be afraid to hop on this opportunity to get a new vantage point of beaches, valleys and lush rainforests.

Eastern Influences

Hawaii’s Chinatown is one of the state’s most exciting and eclectic neighborhoods. Settled circa 1860 by Chinese immigrants, the center of Hawaii’s Chinatown is the 1904 Oahu Market. Here, you can do more than just haggle over the myriad goods lining the streets.

oahumarket Hawaii: A State of Grace

Chinatown, Oahu Market—North King and Kekaulike. Photo by Herb Neufeld.

Immortalize your love for the islands at one of the area’s tattoo parlors, find alternative methods to common maladies with an herbalist, or simply enjoy the authentic fare at one of the neighborhood’s dozens of inexpensive eateries.

As you get your heart rate moving, your cultural curiosity fed and your camera flickering, take comfort in the fact that many world-class trails are available in close proximity to bustling city of Waikiki and many Oahu hotels and resorts. The spirit of Hawaii awaits you!

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