The Whole Picture: Chile’s Cueca

| August 14, 2011 | 2 Comments
chilescueca The Whole Picture: Chiles Cueca

Handkerchiefs held above a dancer's head symbolize feathers.

The Cueca, a unique dance form native to Chile, is credited as being the country’s national dance.  With historical roots in both African and Native American cultures, the Cueca is a parody of the courtship of a chicken and rooster. The handkerchiefs held above a dancer’s head symbolize the feathers of the bird or the rooster’s comb. The Cueca is a very complex dance, and the music is generally performed with one or two voices accompanied by guitar, piano, harp, accordion, or other instruments. Dancers move in semicircles back, turning towards the partner and then away. It starts with a promenade where the man invites the woman to join him by offering his arm. This is done while instrumental entry music is played. The couples stand facing each other about three meters apart. Before the song begins, the couple claps their hands in rhythm of the music.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I would to have seen a video of this. Love the color in this picture. My question why don’t they just use feathers?

  2. Aiko Aesop says:

    … a dance meant to reflect the courtship of a chicken and rooster. Never would have thought to create such a folklore. It is rather interesting to learn about rich cultures and their heritage.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

    More about history, cultures and how they influence our identity.

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