Looking Back: On Returning Home

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gateshome Looking Back: On Returning Home

You are home again and safe. The burdens of the day are lightened.

Toronto, Ontario (October 1, 2002) — May your heart become a thin vein of copper. May you become an antenna crying though the night for sounds thin spun by space and time. May yours be a melody of absence: the sucking and sobbing of flowers, the dance of water seeping upwards. May you laugh, may you laugh, like hail falling on a tin roof, may you laugh. With the roar of silence in your heart, to lose again what you’ve found out, may you laugh.

This is an post from our collection entitled ‘Looking Back’. It includes an occasional entry from our journals that date back to 2001 when we first began writing about living and travelling abroad. We’ll present these paired with a photo in the form of a verbal postcard. Together, these postcards provide an (in)formal and often (in)coherent narrative of the trips we’ve taken!

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