The Whole Picture: Garudas of the Grand Palace

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garudagrandpalacebangkokthailand The Whole Picture: Garudas of the Grand Palace

Gold ornamental patter statuettes.

Garuda is a national symbol of Thailand. In Thai mythology, the creature is known as the king of birds. With characteristics very much like an eagle, this ancient and enduring symbol embodies the Thai monarchy. Besides serving as the royal insignia, the Garuda is also the official seal of the civil government. In Thai, he is known as “Krut”. Like so many characters of Theravada Buddhist mythology, the Garuda was adopted from the Hindu religious pantheon by way of the ancient Hindu-based Khmer kingdom, which once held sway over much of the region.

Inspired by publications like Life Magazine, National Geographic and online experiences like’s photo blog, images marked as ‘The Whole Picture’  are intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery. Kathryn and Daniel will post ‘The Whole Pictureirregularly.  Like all of our photos, it is an original  not otherwise on the site—it might be fresh from our camera, a new scan of some old film, a product of our fooling around with Photoshop, or a file from an archive that we haven’t posted yet.

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