The Whole Picture: Cántaros Pond in Argentina

| March 22, 2011 | 3 Comments
cantaros lake The Whole Picture: Cántaros Pond in Argentina

Cántaros Pond, Puerto Blest, Argentina

Forests of thick cypress and coihue trees line the boardwalk to Cántaros Pond, which is set amidst a spectaculer Valdivian rainforest. They grow on an understory made up by low bushes, covered by lianas and climbing plants. The atmosphere is humid and the site is ideal for grass, moss and fungi to grow. These forests include stands of huge trees, especially Nothofagus and Fitzroya, which can live to a great age. This spot is one of the most humid in Argentina—rainfall records reach 4,000 annual millimeters.

In order to reach Cántaros Pond at Puerto Blest, catch a catamaran on the Llao Llao Peninsula, which sets sail for the long and narrow Blest Arm. This part of Lake Nahuel Huapi is guarded by Isla Centinela (Sentry Island)—where the grave of Francisco (Perito) Moreno is located.

Inspired by publications like Life Magazine, National Geographic and online experiences like’s photo blog, images marked as ‘The Whole Picture’  are intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery. Kathryn and Daniel will post ‘The Whole Pictureirregularly.  Like all of our photos, it is an original  not otherwise on the site—it might be fresh from our camera, a new scan of some old film, a product of our fooling around with Photoshop, or a file from an archive that we haven’t posted yet.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful! What a great photo.

  2. Freshroads says:

    Thats looks like a great spot to relax and enjoy the view for a while.

  3. Jen Laceda says:

    Looks like the English Lake District…but wilder.

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