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| March 2, 2011 | 7 Comments
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There has been somewhat of a hush settling over Two Go Round-The-World these past couple of weeks. But that’s because we’ve been packing! Kathryn and I are getting ready for a quick trip to Chile and Argentina for March Break. Soon we’ll be exploring the streets of Santiago, sampling Chilean wines, soaking in the natural beauty of the Lake District’s glaciers and lakes, and sampling the food, wine and sophistication of the ‘Paris of the South’, Buenos Aires.

southern discovery gap adventures Two Go Round Chile and Argentina

Southern Discovery from Gap Adventures

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Trip overview

Unlike long-term backpackers and those nomads among us who often travel for great lengths of time, we have just a week to explore two of the continent’s greatest cities—and their surroundings. While we don’t have the luxury of staying in one city for as long as we need to in order to experience it all, we do have an ace up our sleeve—we’ll be travelling with Gap Adventures (for whom I work). That way, we won’t be wasting precious time in-country by googling accommodation options and hunting for the best restaurants. Our itineraries have been worked out ahead of time so we can maximize our time—the trip is dubbed ‘Southern Discovery‘.

From the Gap Adventures website:

From the wineries of Santiago to the pristine beauty of Patagonia and the cosmopolitan flair of Buenos Aires, experience the riches of South America. Enjoy a taste of wilderness with hiking opportunities in Chile’s Lake District and Argentinean Patagonia before cleansing your palate for a wine tasting at a Santiago vineyard. Travel days are well paced and include short flights, allowing you the time to really experience the region’s highlights—in comfort and style. As an introduction to Chile and Argentina, this trip offers the perfect combination of guided excursions and free time to explore at your own pace.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll start our week off enjoying Chile’s tastiest export. We’ll tour the Maipo Valley’s wineries, learn the history of the region’s wineries and learn a thing or two about the art of wine making. Flying south to Puerto Varas, we’ll hike Chile’s Lake District, where we’ve been told that we’ll find everything from snow-capped mountains to deep-blue and emerald lakes, smoking volcanoes, forests and glaciers. After a beautiful drive through the mountains of upper Patagonia, we’ll cross over into Argentina and arrive at San Carlos de Bariloche—the entrance to northern Patagonia. Baroloche is apparently full of jovial Argentine and Brazilian vacationers whose favourite pastime seems to be eating and drinking. That’s no problem as Kathryn and I are looking forward to the region’s delicacies—beefy parrilladas, fresh lake trout and, of course, chocolate. After a couple of days in Bariloche, we’ll finish our trip up in Buenos Aires — heading to San Telmo to check out  weekend antiques market and street artist displays.

We leave in just over a week, so stay tuned. There’s lots more to come as we bring you the best of Chile and Argentina, from Santiago to Buenos Aires!

Disclosure: At Two Go Round-The-World, we value the conversation that exists between us and our readers—and the trust on which that relationship is based. Here we’re committed to creating an environment informed by that trust. In the interests of full disclosure, we travelled with Gap Adventures, with whom Daniel works. That being said, his opinions should not be construed as representing those of his employer. For more information on disclosures and relationships, please check our ‘About Us‘ page.

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  1. Akila says:

    Have fun in Chile and Argentina! Those are two countries we really want to see!

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Akila—we’re really looking forward to it. Wish it could be longer but we both have obligations! Regardless, we’re going to to do as much as we can!

  2. Steve says:

    We were in Bariloche in late January and loved it…now in Buenos Aires and still loving Argentina. The beauty surrounding Bariloche is stunning. And the food that you mention is as good as advertised. Don’t forget the ice cream, though. Jauja is an heladeria that gets a lot of hype, and it’s priced a few pesos higher, but I thought it was the real deal. Enjoy your time.

  3. Kirk says:

    I wish that I could jet from Rio and go to Argentina then Chile. I just dont have the time. Enjoy your stay and have fun let us know how things are going.

  4. Tijmen says:

    I would love to visit Argentina and Chile as well, especially Patagonia has somw nice hiking trails :) Have fun!

  5. Jen Laceda says:

    Hey Daniel and Kathryn,
    Just got back from Buenos Aires :) Loved it there! I have been posting like crazy about this place. My 1 week there was waaaayyyy too short :( Hope you enjoy your trip (as I’m sure you will)! Daniel, didn’t know you work for GAP. Can I get discounts? hehe, kidding. Do you know Wade Kreiser who works there as well? I know him from TCSSC’s Ultimate Frisbee.
    Have fun,

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