How to Save on Airfare for a RTW Trip

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how to save on airfare for a trip How to Save on Airfare for a RTW Trip

How to save on airfare for a round-the-world (RTW) trip...

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Let’s face it, a true round-the-world (RTW) trip demands a budget of $20,000 or more—a figure that not many people can save effectively in a short span of time. However, focusing on smart ‘money saving solutions’ can give you the edge to build and optimize your travel budget.

Airfares pose the biggest financial hurdle in cutting down traveling expenses. To overcome this obstacle, it is crucial to learn the ins and outs of booking flights at reduced rates. Below are some helpful tips that will have you on your round-the-world trip sooner rather than later.

Book discounted flights with leading online travel agencies

Online travel agencies enable you to book flights at your convenience. Search for suitable flights at your own pace and save considerably with discounted fares. Online travel agencies like Flight Network offer flights at reduced rates through their partnership with leading airlines around the world, including Air Canada, WestJet, United Airlines and British Airways. Hence, you are sure to find highly discounted flights for domestic as well as international airlines.

Book early to maximize savings

Most who plan their budget in advance enjoy a successful RTW trip with few financial surprises along the way. When you start figuring out the preferred destinations on your itinerary, make sure that you book corresponding flights at the same time. Last-minute flights and short notice bookings can put quite a strain on the pocketbook. So, try to book your ticket as soon as your decision is made.

Choose to fly on weekdays

Weekend flights are relatively more expensive compared with weekday flights. Travelling over the weekend often means not having to book time off work; hence, flights tend to have greater demand on Saturday and Sunday. Airlines are of course aware of this and their prices reflect the popularity of these dates and times. Consequently, scheduling your arrival or departure on a weekday is always a better choice. This step can also get you easy availability of seats and better discount offers.

Avoid traveling during national/school holidays

Red letter dates and school holidays should be avoided in order to reduce charges. Simpy avoid flying when everyone else is travelling. Not only will you likely grab that less-expensive fare, but airports will be less crowded and flights are less likely to be operating at capacity—so you might even be able to spread yourself out. You can save considerably if you choose to travel during school terms. Moreover, you can enhance your savingsby traveling on weekdays.

Book early morning or late evening flights

Last but not least, selecting flights that arrive or depart at wee hours can help you to cut down on airfare. Though it is an inconvenient time to fly, flights schedules at these hours are the cheapest. If saving money is a priority, then you should consider this tip.

Take your time to plan the budget for a trip of a lifetime. Jot down an approximate budget and fix an amount for saving every month. Saving for such a substantial investment in one’s self usually means making significant changes in the way one thinks about savings and the areas where one spends the most. Interested in our thoughts on saving for a round-the-world trip? Check out Two Go Round-The-World series of articles focusing on personal finances for a round-the-world trip.

And, while booking flights refer to the aforementioned tips to save on airfare!

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