Best of Two Go RTW: October 2010

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bestoffoctober10 Best of Two Go RTW: October 2010

Looking for something great to read? Check out our ‘Best of the Month’!

With no further delay, we’re happy to introduce our monthly update, which includes our ‘Best of the Month’! In it we feature our fabulous five: our five most-read posts, our five busiest comment contributors and our five top referring sites. What makes them fabulous? Our readers do! We’ll take stock of our fabulous five once a month in order to celebrate and thank those that make this site special, offering a link back to the sites that have helped our light on the web burn a little brighter. Once a month, we also check out the state of our savings, as well!

Top Five Articles from Two Go Round-The-World

  1. Music and Memory: Travelling Without Moving: Throughout the years, we’ve compiled playlists to capture certain memories, or evoke a particular time in our lives. To this day, it’s the single best way Kathryn and I know of to recall a memory and to be transported back to a moment in life. Stronger, it would seem, than even the power of photography.
  2. Rare Coincidences Are Very Common on the Road: I first met Richard over lunch in Vinh Moc. He was an interesting dude, a lone thin braid erupting out of an otherwise bald head. He’d been travelling Vietnam for almost as long as I’d been—and in the space of our lunch, I’d learned a lot about this gregarious Australian student. And our relationship would likely have ended there — except that it didn’t.
  3. The Whole Picture: Machu Picchu: Machu Picchu, from the Quechua meaning ‘Old Mountain’, is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level. Back in April of this year, at least one half of the intrepid Two Go Round-The-World duo was able to enjoy a small group tour of Peru (sorry Kathryn!). Offered by Gap Adventures, this 10-day tour is dubbed a ‘Taste of Peru’ and encompasses Lima, the Amazon and the Andes. Check out some images from both the Amazon and Cuzco.
  4. The Whole Picture: Woman Weaving: High in the Andes of Peru, life is changing for the Quechuan women in the small villages outside of Cuzco. Women weavers are learning skills to make themselves self-sufficient and changing the tapestry of family economics. Weaving is growing into the social organization and economic situation of the region. For more information on weaving cooperatives in the region’s surrounding mountain villlages, check out Planeterra.
  5. Keep Calm and Carry On!: Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week or two—Kathryn and I have simply reached the point of saturation! Due to a vicious revolving door of never-ending deadlines and family obligations, Two Go Round-The-World will be spotty at best for the next few weeks.

Top Five Comment Contributors

  1. Jenny (3)
  2. Michael Robert Po… (3)
  3. Gray (2)
  4. KiteZA (2)
  5. Shannon OD (2)

Top Five Referring Sites

  1. Married with Luggage: On a mission to redesign their lives to travel full-time. Whether your dream is halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you’ll find information on goal-setting, living well, managing your money, and simplifying your life every week on this blog.
  2. Gap Year Escape: Gap Year Escape is written and edited by Amar. He is a freelance writer with a keen interest in photography, history, writing, philanthropy and most importantly, travel. He wonders how you can know your place in the world if you’ve not seen it?
  3. Nomadic Matt: Matt’s a twenty-something vagabond who has been on the road regularly since 2005.
  4. Twenty-Something Travel: A blog about travel for young people—the why, the where and the how. Updated every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  5. I Should Logoff—and Live! Jillian and Danny, just your average 20 something couple looking to explore the world.

Notable quotes

Leonardo da Vinci isn’t often quoted when it comes to travel; in face, he might not have cared for the topic very much. However, we’ve recently been reading up on him and really enjoyed these quotes attributed to him. We feel that they are very applicable to long-term travel!

  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
  • “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

Round-the-World Savings Update

This past month our savings climbed a further 3% toward our goal. We now sit at 71%! We feel that staying interested and motivated to save is directly related to our success. So we have set ourselves up for success by being realistic when we set our savings goals. We started with small, bite-sized saving targets at first. As we got better and more successful in cutting back, we made our savings targets more ambitious.

According to US News and World Report, the average savings rate from the 1945–85 was between 6 and 10% of after tax income. From 1985 to 2005, that rate had shrunk to 0! One of the silver linings to the recent recession is that the average savings rate climbed again—and is now around 4%.

We don’t reveal actual income numbers, so it’s easier to share our savings rate. We use after-tax income because we feel it is more applicable. On average we spend 40% of our after-tax income each month, giving us a saving rate of 60%. You may consider this low or high, but in terms of retirement most experts suggest that people put away 10–15% each month. In Canada, the RRSP contribution limit calculation is based on putting aside 18% of earned income.

Saving for such a substantial investment in one’s self usually means making significant changes in the way one thinks about savings and the areas where one spends the most. Interested in our thoughts on saving for a round-the-world trip? Check out our series of articles focusing on personal finances for a round-the-world trip. The series comprises the following articles: Constructing a savings plan for your travel fund, Saving For a Round-the-World Trip and Budgeting for the return home. Have any budgeting or savings tips that didn’t make the lists herein? Please contact us!

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  1. Amar says:

    Great idea for a monthly update and thank you for the inclusion.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Amar—we enjoy the monthly round-up. It allows us to give back to the folks that send traffic our way. We also like going public with our savings goals. It helps to keep us on track.

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