What We’re Reading: ‘By the numbers’ edition

| July 30, 2010 | 7 Comments
whatwerereading073010 What We’re Reading: By the numbers edition

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Each Friday, we share those sites and articles—those interesting links—that we are currently reading or have recently read. This week, we’ve got a special treat—a number of posts grouped around a theme: the costs of travelling round-the-world!  If you have any suggestions for next Friday’s round-up, please contact us!

It’s not easy to estimate the cost of a round-the-world trip—there are just so many moving parts. At the same time, the phrase “How much does a round-the-world trip cost?” is one of the more frequent queries people Google before arriving here at Two Go Round-The-World. This week, we take a quick look at the per day costs for a sample of travel bloggers who’ve gone on record and shared their per-day costs. One day soon, we’ll increase the sample size and take a more methodical approach—but for those in the planning stages, or those who are simply curious, here’s a few round-the-world trips by the numbers!

The Bottom Line(s)

Susan and Grace from 13 months (~US$135/day). Back in 2006, Susan and Grace, a recently married couple embarked on thirteen months of around-the-world travel. In a nutshell, they averaged somewhere under ~US$4,000/month (their costs fluctuated greatly, of course, depending on their location). Their daily totals included airfare, accommodation, food and everything else they needed along the way. For more info, check out their itinerary and round-the-world cost breakdown here.

Jason  and Sharon from Life After Cubes (~US$75/day). Jason Demant and Sharon Duckworth left their Silicon Valley jobs in 2009 to pursue a Life After Cubes. They saved US$50,000 for a year-long trip, initially thinking they would require ~US$125/day to live their dream. However, it took them just a few weeks to realize that this was far beyond what they would actually need. See their itinerary and spending here.

Jillian and Danny from I Should Log off… and Live (~US$100/day). Jillian and Danny are just your average 20-something couple looking to explore the world—and they keep a great handle on their spending, updating it each time they leave a country for a new one. Check out their itinerary and their spending here.

Dave Lee from Go Backpacking (~US$77/day). Dave Lee blogged his way around the world from 2007–09, during which he tried to strike a balance between providing current and useful data with not being too nerdy and spending all his time calculating exchange rates and accounting for every penny. Ultimately, he believes his record keeping was fairly accurate. Total cost of his 15-month trip around the world? US$35,029. Check out his itinerary and cost breakdown here.

Michael Tieso from Art of Backbacking (~US$60/day). Michael Tieso writes: “I spent a grand total of US$19,568 from May 2009 until April 2010—that’s US$1,778/month for an average of US$60/day—more than I expected for the destinations to which I travelled”. Check out his post entitled “Cost summary of 11 months round-the-world” here for his itinerary and spending totals.

Budgeting Tools

Anil Polat points to a number of good online budgeting tools that can help give you an idea of what you’ll need to save up and set aside for your simple travel budget. Here’s a sampling:

  • Budget Your Trip: Provides cost estimates for cities around the world based on other travelers’ experiences.
  • cost4travel: Provides a way for travelers to record and reference their travel costs, so that other travelers can budget realistically for their future trips.

BootsnAll Threads

BootsnAll is a web-based travel publisher, an online travel community and provider of services and information that travelers need and want. We frequent their forum—and bring to you our favourite threads from the past week!

Itinerary and budget advice. Over on the boards, fellow Bootie Ozzie Traveller writes: “Overall, I think my itinerary averages out at ~US$40/day if I am to visit all the places listed over the timeframe given. Obviously this is open to change”. Fellow Booties offer advice up here.

Lonely Planet costs per day. Fellow Bootie yanks26dmb writes: “I’m having a terribly hard time budgeting for my round-the-world trip because I am getting so much different info on costs per day around the world.” He continues: “Lonely Planet is very in depth, but seems to be a bit higher than other sources I’ve looked at”. Booties weigh in on costs.

The cost of going round-the-world. Jeanie99 writes: “I’d be interested to know if the cost of your round-the-world trip was more than you had expected or less than you had thought.” Of course, the Booties’ answers are quit diverse! Check it out here.

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  1. Michael says:

    Makes it seem like I spent so little compared to everyone else!

    • Daniel says:

      True — but there are some really disparate itineraries — and a number of the bloggers sampled were travelling as couples, etc. This is really an apples-to-oranges comparison — but it is useful in quickly determining a range for your costs!

  2. Michael says:

    How much did you budget per day for your trip?

    • Daniel says:

      Hey Michael — we’re looking at ~US$100/day including everything. That being said, we don’t really have an itinerary fleshed out so we don’t really have an idea of our per diem costs. We just used a nice round number in order to motivate us to save! But it sounded right!

  3. Jason Demant says:

    Great post! And thank you very much for including us. This actually made me a little proud of how well we’re doing. :-) Like you said, though, people’s itineraries are very different.

    Good luck on saving and planning for your own trip!


  4. Danny says:

    Glad our numbers have been useful. I think the biggest thing to consider when looking at these is how much they differ region to region. We expect to spend in SE Asia about half of what we spent in Africa on a per day basis.

    Most people only travel in SE Asia and although there isn’t anything wrong with that, it was difficult for us to form a budget for all the other places we’ve gone.

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