Best of Two Go RTW: April 2010

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bestoffebapr10 Best of Two Go RTW: April 2010
Looking for something great to read? Check out our ‘Best of the Month’!

With no further delay, we’re happy to introduce our monthly update, which includes our ‘Best of the Month’! In it we feature our fabulous five: our five most-read posts, our five busiest comment contributors and our five top referring sites. What makes them fabulous? Our readers do! We’ll take stock of our fabulous five once a month in order to celebrate and thank those that make this site special, offering a link back to the sites that have helped our light on the web burn a little brighter. Once a month, we also take a look at our savings, as well! 

Top Five Articles from Two Go Round-The-World

  1. To Luang Prabang by Rail and Road: Taking the train to Laos is a great option—not only to save money but also to see the countryside. It’s a relaxed way of travelling—board in Bangkok in the evening, sleep through the night and awake to majestic views in the morning light. Only the thin scar of the railroad breaks the landscape of jungle and sky. The passage is beautiful—and humbling—and I found myself smiling bemusedly at Graham Greene whose Lawless Roads I had just been reading before I looked out the train’s window.
  2. Panasonic’s Lumix GF1—a great all-around travel camera: Kathyrn and I had—for a while now—been considering a new camera. We’d been looking for something that was portable without having to sacrifice the bells and whistles of a traditional DSLR. With its great image quality and small body, it seemed that we had found the perfect camera in the Panasonic Lumix GF1.
  3. Travel Contest: The Blog Hop Is On! Grab your Play Card here and take the short quiz—have fun and enter to win. Play every week for more chances to win great prizes.
  4. How to Play it Safe in an Internet Café: As a backpacker, working and blogging at an internet café puts you at particular risk because there is no simple sure-fire way to ensure that the computer on which you are working is free of malware.
  5. A Taste of Peru: If things have seemed a little silent around these parts, it’s because at least one half of the intrepid Two Go Round-The-World duo has been on a small group tour of Peru.

Top Five Comment Contributors

  1. Josh (3)
  2. Marta (3)
  3. Steven Norwich (3)
  4. Dave and Deb (2)
  5. Flip (2)
  6. Shannon OD (2)

Top Five Referring Sites

  1. Global Bloggers Network: The Global Bloggers Network is designed specifically for independent and corporate bloggers. It’s a multi-faceted, interactive service that delivers resources and opportunities for asking questions, brainstorming ideas and focusing on the business of your blog.
  2. Gran Tourismo Travels: In 2010, globetrotting travel writers Lara Dunston and Terence Carter, in partnership with HomeAway Holiday-Rentals, will trade hotel rooms for holiday homes as they embark on a contemporary grand tour of the globe.
  3. Married with Luggage: On a mission to redesign their lives to travel full time. Whether your dream is halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you’ll find information on goal-setting, living well, managing your money, and simplifying your life every week on this blog. 
  4. Travel Blog Sites: Lists and ranks the Web’s best travel blog sites. If you’d like to be featured on Travel Blog Sites, let us know on twitter.
  5. foXnoMad: Anil, a traveller and travel enthusiast, created foXnoMad to connect with other travelers, discover their world, and share what he’s learned about his.

Round-the-World Savings Update

One year and two months until our tentative departure. 425 days. This past month our savings inched up a further 2% toward our goal—we now sit at 53%. One thing we do to stay motivated is to keep track your expenses on a dya-to-day basis. Liz and Ryan over at Pause the Moment write:

Try writing down everything that you spend this month. Track every dime for accuracy. Yes, it’s a lot of work but at the end of the month you can look back and break the numbers down to find out an average of how much you spent on a daily and weekly basis.

Saving for such a substantial investment in one’s self usually means making significant changes in the way one thinks about savings and the areas where one spends the most. Interested in our thoughts on saving for a round-the-world trip? Check out our series of articles focusing on personal finances for a round-the-world trip. The series comprises the following articles: Constructing a savings plan for your travel fund, Saving For a Round-the-World Trip and Budgeting for the return home. Have any budgeting or savings tips that didn’t make the lists herein? Please contact us!

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