Best of Two Go RTW: February and March 2010

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bestoffebmar10 Best of Two Go RTW: February and March 2010

Looking for something great to read? Check out our 'Best of the Month'!

After considerable delay, we’re happy to introduce our monthly update—which includes our ‘Best of the Month’! Because we missed February, we’re making this a two-month special edition  ‘Best of Two Go RTW’. In it we feature our fabulous five for February and March: our five most-read posts, our five busiest comment contributors and our five top referring sites. What makes them fabulous? Our readers do! We’ll take stock of our fabulous five periodically in order to celebrate and thank those that make this site special, offering a link back to the sites that have helped our light on the web burn a little brighter. Once a month, we also take a look at our savings, as well!

Top Five Articles from Two Go Round-The-World

  1. Looking Back: Langkawi: Where the manicured fingers of the beach fan out across the asphalt, we tourists sing our cicada songs—seventeen years in the dark earth of our jobs.
  2. Check out our ‘dream’ adventure!: Gap Adventures is inviting travellers to let their imaginations run free for its most recent foray into online competitions—dubbed ‘Create Your Own Adventure’.
  3. Looking Back: Notre Dame, Saigon: On the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral, where Saigon’s ceaseless traffic flows, preternaturally—a murder of a million crows—I withdraw into the shadow of a high-rise
  4. How to Play it Safe in an Internet Café: As a backpacker, working and blogging at an internet café puts you at particular risk because there is no simple sure-fire way to ensure that the computer on which you are working is free of malware.
  5. Looking Back: Paharganj Street: Her eyes, like collapsed suns, lulled me into their orbit, and I imagined some beauty in the event…

Top Five Comment Contributors

  1. Anil (5)
  2. Johnny Vagabond (4)
  3. AirTreks Nico (2)
  4. Andy Hayes (2)
  5. Dave and Deb (2)
  6. Marta (2)
  7. Sofia (2)

Top Five Referring Sites

  1. Married with Luggage: On a mission to redesign their lives to travel full time. Whether your dream is halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you’ll find information on goal-setting, living well, managing your money, and simplifying your life every week on this blog.
  2. Travel Blog Sites: Lists and ranks the Web’s best travel blog sites. If you’d like to be featured on Travel Blog Sites, let us know on twitter.
  3. Manali and Terry: Twenty-something , yuppie, adventurous newlyweds who are embarking on a journey of a lifetime, chronicling their life on the road and transition from corporate American cubedwellers to laid-back world travelers.
  4. A Travel Around the World: A fairly ‘normal’ young couple stuck in the London routine for over fiver years and now fascinated about the opportunities this world has to offer!
  5. Saben and Lin: Missives from Saben and Lin as they chronicle their trip around the world!

Round-the-World Savings Update

One year and three months until our tentative departure. 457 days. These past couple of months—owing to a great March in the markets and a couple of great dividend-paying stocks—our savings inched up a further 5% toward our goal—we now sit at 51%. One thing we do to stay motivated is to keep a picture of the goal we are saving towards. In our case, we’ve cut out some of the places we intend on visiting during our RTW, ie Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Angkor, Varanasi, et al. Seeing pictures of your goals every day will encourage you to keep saving and curb spending!

Saving for such a substantial investment in one’s self usually means making significant changes in the way one thinks about savings and the areas where one spends the most. Interested in our thoughts on saving for a round-the-world trip? Check out our series of articles focusing on personal finances for a round-the-world trip. The series comprises the following articles: Constructing a savings plan for your travel fund, Saving For a Round-the-World Trip and Budgeting for the return home. Have any budgeting or savings tips that didn’t make the lists herein? Please contact us!

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