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whatwerereading022610 What We’re Reading: March 19, 2010

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Each Friday, we share those sites and articles—those interesting links—that we are currently reading or have recently read. Enjoy these great posts that you may have missed this past week. If you have any suggestions for next Friday’s round-up, please contact us!

Get Inspired. Janice Waugh asks six serious travelers to muse on how travel and art have intersected in their lives – whether as an inspiration or in surprising ways. Here are the responses from Deb (of Dave & Deb), Chris Guilllebeau, Gary Arndt, Gwen McCauley, Robin Locker and Andreas Susana. Check out Janice’s post here.

Twofer. Lonely Planet’s got a promotion on presently (which expires March 31) in which you may be interested — buy any two Lonely Planet travel guides, and you get 1 free! What’s more, you’ll receive free delivery. Check out the deal here: Buy two, get 1 free! What We’re Reading: March 19, 2010

Vote. Gap Adventures What We’re Reading: March 19, 2010 is inviting travellers to let their imaginations run free for its most recent foray into online competitions—dubbed ‘Create Your Own Adventure’. The adventure travel outfitter has chosen to celebrate its 20th anniversary by allowing users from all walks of life to submit a ‘dream’ itinerary. We’re pleased to let you know that Two Go Round-the-World has entered a dream itinerary in Gap’s ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ contest! As mentioned above, the competition’s winner will be decided by online voting. You can get involved by going online, visiting our entry, voting for us and providing your feedback! Please click here to vote!

Couples. Travels With Two has posted some great hints from Tina Tessina, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in southern California since 1978, and the author of How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free. She gives a few great tips on how you and your spouse can travel the world and live happily to tell the tale. Check out her suggestions here.

Politics. Jodi Ettenberg reports back from the Red Shirt Protests in Bangkok. She writes “it’s surreal to be smack in the middle of a political movement, yet feel as though I was at an intense, raucous festival.” Interesting commentary and some striking images here.

Antarctica. In a few great posts, Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll (from Uncornered Market) write of their recent trip to the Antarctic: “That first Antarctic morning, we stepped foot off the gangway of the M/S Expedition and into a zodiac. It was clear that we were about to be blown away — but in a way that none of us had quite expected.” Check out all three great posts here and here and here.

Keep yer head up. Sandy Salle from Live the Magic of Africa writes: “A signature tip we offer to those taking a trip to Africa for the first time: “Always be open and aware of your surroundings because some of the most spectacular animals and visions are hidden in plain sight.” Check out three more tips to discovering Africa’s most spectacular sights by clicking here.

Past the halfway mark. One year and three months until our tentative departure. That’s 470 days! Since our last savings assessment, our total inched up a further 5% toward our goal—we now sit at 51%. Revisiting our goals periodically encourages us to keep saving and curb spending! Check out our series of articles focusing on personal finances for a round-the-world trip. The series comprises the following articles: Constructing a savings plan for your travel fund, Saving For a Round-the-World Trip and Budgeting for the return home. Have any budgeting or savings tips? Please contact us!

BootsnAll Threads

Travelling safely. A Bootie asks “What kind of info do you leave behind for your family when you plan to be gone for a long time?” and good information ensues! In the past we’ve suggested to leave a copies of all of your documentation behind (with someone you trust and can reach easily when abroad) and stash the other set somewhere separate from the originals. For more tips on preparation, check out our piece entitled “Travelling Safely: Before You Go“.

31DaysBook 216x300 What We’re Reading: March 19, 2010

This posting was inspired by Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Bloga downloadable e-book designed to help you revitalize your blog by giving you 31 tasks that will all help to improve! Darren’s book essentially provides one action or activity to do per day for a 31 day period—and a lesson around why it should be done. Today’s ‘list post’ was the second activity from the work book, the first was our post on building a better travel blog. We’ve been working through the activities that Darren has suggested and will include a note whenever a post is inspired by his program. For anyone who hasn’t checked out Darren Rowse’s eBook already, we highly recommend it. In addition to providing substantive recommendations on how to improve your blog, there is an excellent community built around his methods.Highly recommended—check it out here.

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  1. Shannon OD says:

    Great roundup! I hadn’t caught that first one on Janice’s blog :-)

  2. Legal Nomads says:

    Thanks for including me. I also just uploaded pictures from the mobile rally yesterday http://bit.ly/9qxzWW. Definitely not how I planned to be spending my time in Bangkok, but fascinating to be able to document this movement as it happens. Thanks again for reading!

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Jodi! Again, apprecaited your going through the trouble of documenting such an interesting part of Thai history!

  3. Thanks for including me, too –I was thrilled to be able to get Tina’s time to offer a few tips, and I appreciate your helping me share them with your readers!

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