Snap de la semaine: Riviera Maya

Situated on more than 1,000 feet of white sand beach that makes -up Bahia

A view from the beach in front of the Azul Sensatori resort. Situated on more than 1,000 feet of white sand beach that makes up Bahia Petempich, it's located just outside of Puerto Morelos in the Mayan Riviera

Kathryn and Daniel will post a ‘Snap de la semaine’ irregulary, but at a rate of one per week. It is an original photo not otherwise on the site—it might be fresh from our camera, a new scan of some old film, a product of our fooling around with Photoshop, or a file from the archive that we haven’t posted yet.

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About the Author: For nearly ten years now, Daniel of Two Go Round-The-World has explored how travel captures our imagination and engages our deepest emotions. One half of the duo that maintains the widely read Two Go Round-The-World blog, Daniel treats his subjects not only as works of art but also as symbols of the cultural and political forces that inspire them. His latest book, The Physics of Flocking, gathers his favourite writing featured over the past two years on Two Go Round-The-World in columns like 'Looking Back' and 'The Whole Picture'—along with new reflections.

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  1. Gourmantic says:

    I like the different hues in the background. Is the water muddy close up?

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Gourmantic. This was just a couple of weeks ago, following a fairly intense overnight storm which caused a lot of churn — hence, the water was pretty cloudy near the beach. Was a beautiful day though. Spent the morning reading at the end of that pier and watching a pelican fish and brunch. Good times!

  2. cengiz says:

    beautiful photography across this entire site.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Cengiz! And happy to have found your site, too! We’ll be sure to add it to our blogroll this evening when we’re home from work. Happy Holidays!

  3. Kirstin Bali says:

    Yes it is a great picture. But my be you need to touch it up a bit on photoshop to change the saturation and light :)

  4. Social says:

    Looks like heaven, its torture looking at a picture like that while sitting in a dingy office. Makes me think about my next vacation!

    The water looks pretty deep or is that just an illusion caused by the recent storm? Either way looks amazing…..really want to take a running jump off the end of that platform!

  5. Simon Coleman says:

    Fantastic picture and such a dream like location. however this is not alone in the land of wonderful smiles, Thailand. If you do manage to visit Thailand, be sure to ask about the wonderful gypsy waterways and also their many accommodation bungalows on the sea.

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