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whatwerereading112009 What We’re Reading: December 4, 2009

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Each friday, we share those sites and articles—those interesting links—that we are currently reading or have recently read. Enjoy these great posts that you may have missed this past week. If you have any suggestions for next Friday’s round-up, please contact us!

419BO0KKwVL. SL160  What We’re Reading: December 4, 2009Presently, Kathryn and I are working on our year-end review. At the same time, we’ve been writing a few more (mainly reflective) to be published in upcoming weeks partly inspired by Alain de Botton (we’ve been reading his The Art of Travel). Our destination, de Botton maintains, is nowhere near as important as our understanding of why we move. He examines themes of the psychology of travel: how we as travelers imagine places before we see them, how we remember beautiful things, what happens to us when we look at deserts, stay in hotels and go to the countryside.

21DD2NX8C0L. SL160  What We’re Reading: December 4, 2009We’ve also been reading Dan Gardner’s excellent Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear. In light of his insights, we’ll be reviewing some of our past posts on risk and fear and updating them accordingly. Overall, our thinking is in line with Gardner’s—although he offers some excellent anthropological, sociological and psychological insight. The Economist calls it: “An excellent work … a cheery corrective to modern paranoia.” Highly recommended.

At Dutch Design Week 2009 in Eindhoven a few weeks ago, graduate designer Erik De Nijs of Nieuwe Heren presented a set of suitcases that can be combined to form a sofa when not in use. Check it out here! Via Mike Barish—by the way while you’re at his site, be sure to check out his forthcoming review of SkyMall’s SkyRest Travel Pillow. Funny stuff.

Waste is the antithesis of frugality, and unnecessary belongings can make travel more difficult than it already is. Check out the frugal traveler’s holiday gift guide.

Haha! Gotta love the Onion. Check our Dr. Peter Masterson’s piece entitled “There’s More To Life Than Just Traveling The World And Marveling At Its Varied Peoples And Cultures“. To wit: “If this is such a great life, traveling the world and drinking deep of its bountiful cultural and historical well, then why am I the only guy doing it? It’s time for me to wake up to the real joys life has to offer.” Read the rest here.

Dave over at Picture the Planet asks “How do I scale down my Camera without sacrificing quality?

501 Places’ Andy Jarosz discusses keeping a travel blog active while travelling and asks: “What is the right approach?“.

National Geographic Adventure’s West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro looks at the 26 most groundbreaking products of 2010. This year’s ‘Best of Adventure gear picks’ were nominated in part by a panel of 34 retailers from across the country. Check them out here.

Separately, National Geographic Adventure will cease operations, it was announced yesterday according to The Adventure Life. The mag was a victim of the down economy and systemic changes in publishing. The final issue is December/January, the Best of Adventure, which is on newsstands now.

The Star’s Maggie Gilmour writes: “Social media sites are bringing an immediacy to travel where users can get instant news on bargains and schedule changes and can sometimes even get swift action on complaints.” Check out the article here.

Keith Jenkins shares an enchanting travel spot — Lago de Atitlán. A magnificent crater lake high up in the Guatemalan Highlands. Here you go.

Lonely Planet’s just released their newest edition of Best in Travel. They’re delighted at the attention it’s getting, so they’ve shared some of their hot lists. Check out their top 10 countries for 2010.  There was a solid response from their readership “from heartfelt agreement to outrage” from which they culled their readers’ top 10 countries for 2010.

BootsnAll Threads

A Bootie asks “If your first piece of footwear is keens/chacos/teva sandals, does anybody have any advice on the second, more substantial shoe?”. The Booties respond here. Our suggestion? The Merrell ‘Ottawa’ leather hiker. Really comfortable and nice and light—great for a variety of terrain and climates. Our review is here.

Another Bootie requests some advice — “What’s the right backpack for me?” Lots of great replies.

Lindsey from Backpacker Daily (and also a Bootie) asks “Are netbooks affected by weather conditions?” Markus suggests stocking up on silica packs. Good advice here.

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  1. Though the message has been said before, it’s one that bears repeating. We are constantly exposed to fear-mongering—deliberate exaggeration of risks and appeal to emotion rather than reason. Sometimes with profit motive—pharmaceutical companies and restless leg syndrome, home security outfits. Sometimes from politicians, competing to be seen as “tough on crime”. So, everybody needs to relax! After all, we do live in an age that is more peaceful, healthy and wealthy than any previous age.

    • Daniel says:

      “We do live in an age that is more peaceful, healthy and wealthy than any previous age.” — thanks, Steven, that’s something that we frequently forget about (and also a source of a lot of our problems, too!)

  2. Dave and Deb says:

    Hey you two,
    Thanks for the mention. Love the Best Adventure gear selections by NGA.

  3. weekly readings and now a year end review…I’m not sure how we’ll ever catch up. Keep it coming and looking forward to seeing the two of you start!

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