Pacsafe’s TravelSafe

| September 7, 2009 | 8 Comments
pacsafetravelsafe Pacsafes TravelSafe

PacSafe's TravelSafe

The Virtual Backpack is all about finding those pieces of kit–the ones that stand out. The ones that have won important volume in your pack and deserve to be lugged around the planet. Join us as we take a closer look at gear from the perspective of the long-term traveler.

Of the array of products we took a look at in our article, “Travelling Safely: Personal Safety Products“, there’s one that we can wholehertedly endorse—Pacsafe’s TravelSafe. As such, it has won itself a place in both our real-world and virtual backpack.  As the manufacturer claims in its marketing literature, the lightweight TravelSafe folds small and is easy to take with you whenever you need to lock and leave your valuables. It is a lightweight, malleable and portable ‘safe’ for your valuables which can be locked secured to a fixture. The TravelSafe cinches and locks closed using an integrated, high-tensile stainless steel cable with padlock and locking device. .

When travelling through Asia a few years ago, we brought along a TravelSafe; it’s come along with us on every trip since. The TravelSafe is very lightweight, folds flat and offers more security than a padlock on your backpack owing to the fact that you can anchor it to any fixture in your hostel or guesthouse. It offers enough space for your passport, wallet, iPod, etc. In the past, we have locked the Travelsafe to the bedframe and then tuck it either under the bed, mattress or pillow. Thereafter, you can head out to the beach and need not worry about your passport or funds!

It’s greatest advantage is that it takes up little to no room when not in use. Of course, it’s not a real safe, but will prevent a crime of opporunity or even a determined thief with basic tools (who doesn’t have much time). While it may seem a little pricy, it boasts a really good cost to peace of mind ratio! Of course, you can read about it at the manufacturer’s website or buy one at Amazon

Owing to the peace of mind this provides, PacSafe’s TravelSafe has won itself a place in both our real-world and virtual backpack.

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  1. Shannon OD says:

    Interesting – I have the mesh net with me now and I like it and don’t at the same time. It’s pretty heavy to carry around and I am debating if I would take it again. Beneficial for laptop but I think that this little safe would perhaps be better…thanks for the review, gives me something to think about!

    • Daniel says:

      I understand what you mean about the backpack protector —they’re surprisingly heavy—having used one in the past. I’ve also read elsewhere that arguments can be made as to their necessity.

      Rather than weigh your pack down with the above items, you might want to consider ’security through obscurity’. In another article I recently mentioned travel writer Doug Lansky’s suggestion:

      Show that you don’t have much to steal—or that you have less than other potential targets… consider disguising your pack. The small padlocks and wire mesh pack-covers will do little to prtect your pack, but they will draw attebtion to the value of its contents. Plastic rice bags are easy to find, dirt cheap decreased the perceived value of the pack’s contents, and make great rain covers. Cut two slits for your shoulder straps, then sew or use duct tap to fasten.

  2. Brook says:

    I used the PacSafe last year…the product that covers an entre backpack. It always made me feel completely secure knowing that nobody would steal my laptop or anything else in my pack without some serious effort!

    I’m back on the road again, but left it at home this time because I didn’t bring my laptop, and because it is quite heavy and takes a few minutes to set up—I didn’t like all the work! Your pacsafe mini-safe looks like it might be just what I need this trip.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for the comments on the PacSafe, Brook. Agreed that PacSafe’s ‘ExoMesh’ cover is a little too heavy to be practical sometimes. But when it comes in handy; it really comes in handy!

  3. TravelholicA says:

    Brook, that’s a great review. I realized I needed something like that during my last trip. I usually sleep in hostels hugging my purse with camera, passport, money, etc and when I wake up I always have that feeling “is it still here?”. But I agree that this one is a bit expensive. A reasonable price would be something like US$20.

  4. Traveler says:

    Great staff, thanks for review Daniel!

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