Best of Two Go RTW: July 2009

| July 31, 2009 | 5 Comments
bestofthemonth Best of Two Go RTW: July 2009

Looking for something great to read? Check out our 'Best of the Month'!

Looking for something great to read? Check out our ‘Best of the Month’! In it we feature our fabulous five: our five most-read posts, our five busiest comment contributors and our five top referring sites. What makes them fabulous? Our readers do! We’ll take stock of our fabulous five once a month in order to celebrate and thank those that make this site special, offering a link back to the sites that have helped our light on the web burn a little brighter.

Top Five Articles from Two Go Round-The-World

  1. Why Go Round-The-World?
  2. Is CouchSurfing safe?
  3. What is the best bank account for a Canadian to have on a round-the-world trip?
  4. When to go: Timing your itinerary
  5. Down and Out: Scammed in Ho Chi Minh City

Top Five Comment Contributors

  1. Jen Laceda
  2. Tammie Dooley
  3. Akila
  4. Dave and Deb
  5. Christopher Hartman

Top Referring Sites

  1. Nomadic Matt (
  2. Christine Gilbert (
  3. Jason & Aracely (
  4. Gary Arndt (
  5. Dave & Deb (

Just a reminder that Kathryn and I will be away on vacation from Saturday, August 1 through Saturday, August 8. While we’ve been working hard on getting our editorial calendar in order, we’re going to spend our vacation generating new content. Hence, we’ll be taking a break here next week. That being said, we’ll be sure to check into the blog and maybe put up a post or two!

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For nearly ten years now, Daniel of Two Go Round-The-World has explored how travel captures our imagination and engages our deepest emotions. One half of the duo that maintains the widely read Two Go Round-The-World blog, Daniel treats his subjects not only as works of art but also as symbols of the cultural and political forces that inspire them. Check him out on Google+.

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  1. Dave and Deb says:

    Great idea for a post. How did you add that stumble message to the top of the tool bar? I need to figure that one out. We don’t get stumbled enough! Cheers. Deb

    • Daniel says:

      Regarding StumbleUpon, I wish I knew! I think that it had something to do with using the service to tweet the announcement of the post, Deb.

  2. Dave and Deb says:

    oh P.S. I am so glad that we are a top referrer for you! Too Cool

  3. Dave and Deb says:

    Thanks for the reply Daniel. I will try to figure it out. Have a great week!

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