What We’re Reading: July 24, 2009

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whatwerereading21 What We’re Reading: July 24, 2009

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Each friday, we share those sites and articles—those interesting links—that we are currently reading or have recently read.

First off, we’re reading all the awesome comments appended to our article, “Is CouchSurfing Safe?“. Thanks everyone! Have you CouchSurfed before? And would you do it again, or host a fellow traveler yourself? If you haven’t weighed in, we’d be happy to hear from you.

The Universal Packing List (UPL). “A universal packing list generator?”, we thought. “This can’t be any good!”, we thought. But—it actually is pretty good! Check it out here. According to the author, there are almost 500 items in the UPL—and it’s been on the web since 1993. It’s almost as old as the web!

Time for some tech tips! Anil of FoxNomad put up a great post on how to protect your laptop from thieves and customs agents using TrueCrypt hidden folders. Combined with Dan’s post on VPNs (cited in last Friday’s round-up) we’re going to be the most secure vagabonders ever! These may be tech-heavy posts, but they’re crafted with the traveler in mind. And it’s always good to talk about security!

We love when frugality and travel intersect—Christine Garvin at Brave New Traveler asks “Is being able to travel important enough to give up that new iPhone or a Radiohead concert?“. Like the author, we recently dumped cable for over-the-air television—and haven’t looked back.

Save even more! Tammie Dooley over on Solo Road Trip busts the cheap camera myth wide open.

Reddit revealed this pretty cool interesting piece from Jonathan Blake and Edward Wilson at TransGlobal. They contend that travel can make you smarter because novel experiences alter your response patterns. Check it out here.

Akila from the Road Forks throws open her bag and shows us what’s on a woman’s round-the-world packing list.

Courteousy of John Bardos’ twitter feed, we happened across this article from The Professional Hobo. Dave (of the Longest Way Home blog)  found himself in the middle of an uprising in Tibet, with some interesting decisions to make).

Lovely Jen Laceda at Folie à Deux writes: “Travelling with your toddler is not as daunting as some parents may think”. Check out her post, interspersed with some lovely lomo shots.

Dave and Deb over on the Planet D wrote an article that Kathryn and I are taking to heart—”Traveling as a Couple: The Survival Guide“. Point #3 is be willing to fight. Okay, at least we’ve got that one covered!

What would a friday be without packing tips? The Travel Editor outlines “Seven items for your travel first aid kit“.

Quickly becoming a staple of Friday’s What We’re Reading feature, Jason and Aracely over at TwoBackpackers.com offer up a post on their lack of an itinerary: “Aracely and I did not purchase a round-the-world flight ticket, we do not have any reservations or tours booked, and we have not decided on the exact countries we plan to visit. This is how we choose to travel.” Nice! These sentiments are echoed in one of our recents post on “Timing your itinerary“:

Ultimately, I would caution against overplanning. Of course, it pays to do your research—have a number of cities chosen, keep in mind some seasons to avoid, but avoid the temptation of overplanning. Like Per Andersson, editor of Vagabond Magazine, I suggest that it best to read novels and classics set in the place in which you’ve decided to travel, but don’t start planning beyond that. Per writes, “If you make a detailed itinerary, then you take away the excitement. And then it’s easy to get disappointed because you often have to break with your plans”.

Chua, over on THINKChua, examines travel credit cards, citing our post on choosing a travel rewards program as well as well as Tim Morrison’s post on why he uses the Starwoods Amex and Schwab Visa Cards as his primary credits cards. He raises some good points and elicited a post from us — “Buying into a tourist trap? Reward programs revisited“. Chua’s post also earned a reply from Tim Morrison on the subject of rewards points, and Tim presented his thoughts on the value of SPG points and redeeming them in other ways besides hotel stays. He also provided some comments on Chua’s calculations that were listed in the second post. It’s interesting stuff — math, psychology and other interesting topics all rolled into one!

And lastly, toss it all and become a vagabond. But what does that mean exactly? JoAnna over on Kaleidoscopic Wandering answers the question.

BootsnAll Threads

A rather epic thread entitled “Ever been ridiculed about your RTW plans?” continues over on Bootsnall. Lots of interesting commentary.

Booties discuss the ongoing drama surrounding duty free scams at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Every bought anything from King Power?

Got any NZ suggestions? Jeannine asks “What to do in New Zealand this year?“. Besides sheep of course! Are we allowed to make that joke if we’re Canadians or do you have be from Oz?

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  1. Akila says:

    Thanks for including our post. I haven’t found some of these before – I need to check them out.

    • Daniel says:

      No problem Akila—I think these weekly roundups are useful in introducing new content and blogs, to Kathyrn and I especially. It nicely coincides with #followfriday on Twitter, too!

  2. Jess says:

    Fantastic links — thanks for providing my morning’s reading material!

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Jessica. Nice to have found your blog, too. Just sent you a tweet to let you know that we’ve linked to your from our blogroll. We look forward to more posts from you, too. Cool that you’re in China. We found it to be such a frustratingly amazing beautiful place.

  3. Dave and Deb says:

    Thanks you guys for the mention. I love this What we are reading post that you do every week. It lets me know what else is out there in the travel world that I may have missed. You always have a great list!

    • Anil says:

      Daniel, I agree great idea and helps me find things that I’ve missed or wouldn’t have known about!

      Appreciate the link, thank you!

  4. I foun d you guys courtesy of a tweet from Dave and Deb of the planet D. I’ve got five or six new things to read now. Thanks.


    • Daniel says:

      Hi Rasheed. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment. Dave and Deb have introduced me to so many cool people in the travel blogosphere. Am amazed when I find new things. Happy to have found my way back to your blog, too. We’ve added your link to our blogroll and have picked up your twitter feed! Looking forward to reading more of your posts—so we’ve gone ahead and subscribed to your RSS feed, as well! Please stay in touch!

  5. Jen Laceda says:

    Thanks, Daniel-san, for including me in your post! I will be checking out all the other blogs or sites I’m not familiar with :)

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