What We’re Reading: July 3, 2009

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whatwerereading What We’re Reading: July 3, 2009

What we're reading...

Each friday, Kaythryn and I share those sites and articles that we are currently reading or have recently read. In this week’s “What We’re Reading”, we’ve compiled a number of articles discovered as we really started to participate in the amazing travel scene out there in the Twitterverse.

Weekend Reading

Bootsnall lets you know how to get off the “Banana Pancake Trail” in Thailand.

Dave and Deb discuss those things we take for granted at home, but miss desperately while traveling.

Ed Stafford describes how to poo in the jungle.

Jen at Folie à Deux makes it her mission to taste and compare macarons from different pâtisseries in Paris.

I Backpack Canada discusses the best hostels in Canada.

Tim discusses why he uses the Starwood Amex and Schwab Visa cards as his primary credits cards.

Canadian Dream has some tips on cheap summer travel.

Eileen Smith shares her pre-trip checklist over on BootsnAll in her article “Things to Know Before You Go Somewhere Even the Slightest Bit Exotic“.

Alex Berger shares a comprehensive list of general travel advice specifically tailored to 20-30 something backpackers and hostelers at The Ultimate Packing List.

BootsnAll Threads

Wanderingnotlost asks “Why are RTW tickets cheaper outside the US?

Zoomcharlieb provides some interesting perspective on the Inca Trail to Machupichu.

Seabass43 asks for advice on what to do and where to go in India for 8–10 weeks.

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Much appreciated. :)

  2. gabybali says:

    Dear Dan & Kate, just want to drop here & say hi, also thanks for stopping by at my blog (and the twitter shout too!). I lovvve your blog it’s so well organised & well presented…Love reading it, and make me want to dig more and more….I love what you’re doing here,and will support your 2011 2-Go-RTW!!! (Bali/Indonesia must be on your itinerary right??!!) YEAHHH!!!

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks, Gaby, for the kind words. When we finally depart, Indonesia—and Bali—are firmly within are ‘must-visits’. Perhaps we’ll all get a chance to meet up!

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