For as long as I can remember…

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koreantiles For as long as I can remember...

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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to see the world, experience new places, and meet people from far away. Several years ago, I was lucky enough to see just a tiny part of the world.

When I finished university, my husband (then boyfriend) and I promptly left our homes in Canada and moved to South Korea to teach for a year. He had just come back from traveling around Asia and I was ready to do the same thing!

Luckily for me, he was willing to leave everything once again and join me. I felt like it was now or never.

While the adjustment was difficult at first—very difficult—I can now say with certainty it was the best decision I’d ever made. Spending a year in Korea was amazing (despite the culture shock). Moreover, we were also able to get away to other places in Asia (Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia). I have seen things I never thought I would and am so thankful for those unforgettable moments while abroad.

When we returned to Canada after just more than a year away, we were ready to settle down. We bought a home and found work. Before long, however, both of us began to think of traveling again.

At first we talked of taking a few exciting trips whenever we could, like going to Machu Picchu in the mountains of Peru or going on a safari in the grasslands of Tanzania. Before we’d realized it, we began seriously talking about going away for a full year. Rather than taking a few trips here and there, we are hoping to consolidate them into a year long adventure! Again!

Having just a taste of the world has whetted our appetites for more. So, six years after we first left to go away for a year together—here we are again. We’ve begun to make preparations for our next year-long getaway! So exciting! So much to do!

We are just now in the planning stages and don’t plan to leave for two more years. But as we’ve come to realize, time goes by so, so quickly and that is why we have begun to prepare so far out.

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Kathryn is a teacher whose experience has taken her from the classrooms of South Korea to the hallways of Canada. Her travels have taught her that backpacking is more than the seeing of sights. Instead, as Miriam Beard has so eloquently stated, "it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living". Along with her husband, Daniel, she is looking forward to trading in kindergarten-sized knapsacks for a nice 50L backpack in July 2011.

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  1. Tim says:

    Having the means and time to just pickup and go live in another country for a year sounds like a great experience.

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